A SwimFan vision board.


I like exploring different types of imagery associated with social media, and this gallery was from a sort of online persona, @urswimfan. Inspired by the critically acclaimed feature film, Swim Fan, Ur Swim Fan showed you a little bit of something, rarely a whole something, and those something's were mostly zoomed-in, cool-toned, shadow-lifted, and sharpened. Parts of a greater narrative, of not only Swim Fan's life as she wanted you to see it, dreamy and illusive, but of the age old tale self-representation;  identity shaping through presenting a narrative of one's choosing. The platform is different, and farther reaching, but this is not a new story: splitting up one's identity, simplifying through imagery, minimizing/erasing and amplifying what one wants.

Social media fascinates me in many ways, but the psychology of social influence is one that pops out in particular. Social media is a place we can be tangibly rewarded for not being authentic or ourselves. If I want the reward of followers and likes, there are formulas and styles I can follow to get it. Swim Fan isn't really an example of that, but social media identity is interesting to me. Partly because I am exploring vulnerability and the peace that comes from being my authentic self in my life right now. I'm not sure where social media falls in my current journey, and maybe it doesn't have to mean so much, and can be a refreshingly frivolous outlet. Maybe.

Did she get lots of followers? No. Did she get what she wanted? Sort of!